Becoming a coin collector

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Coin collecting is a hobby that dates back thousands of years which people do for many different reasons.

Some people really love the artwork on coins. Others are interested in the history behind the coins. Then there are those who would simply like to have an investment which may be worth a lot of money in the future. Whatever your reason might be, it’s very easy to start a coin collection with new coins being released each year.


Getting Started


The easiest way to get started is to look at the coins you find in your change. These are called ‘circulating coins’ because they are used around the country every day for payment of goods and services. Circulating coins are made in our presses at a rapid rate – an amazing 650 coins are made per minute so that there are always enough for people to use.

When you look at the coins you receive in your change, you should keep an eye out for coins with an interesting picture that you haven’t seen before. These are called ‘commemorative coins’. The Royal Australian Mint releases a range of coins that celebrate Australian historical events, like our $2 coin commemorating Remembrance Day.

Visit the Royal Australian Mint website to see a list of released circulating coins.

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These are non-circulating coins that you will not find in your change, but you can buy from the Mint. They are polished and struck harder than everyday coins, which makes them clearer and shinier. They often have pictures you won’t see on circulating coins and come in special packaging so that they stay in good condition and stand apart from other coins.

Visit our eshop to view some coins you might want to buy to start your uncirculated coin collection.

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Getting More Serious


Collecting Something Really Special


These are very special coins, often made of precious metals like silver and gold. They come in a range of different shapes and sizes, and are specially struck by expert coin-makers. Each coin is struck at least four times and inspected for quality. A fingerprint or a speck of dust will be enough for a proof coin to be rejected.

You can discover a wide range of coins in our eshop.

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More Coins to Collect

People of all ages have been collecting coins for centuries. If you’re enjoying Australia’s Dollar Discovery hunt, here are a few favourites to start growing your collection.

Did you check your change?

Around 35,000 Australians found and collected the $1 coins specially marked with the number ‘35’ and either the letter A, U or S for their chance to win one of the major prizes. Winners of the major and minor prizes will be announced on 14 May 2019.

Winners Announced